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Here at CCI we specialize in end-to-end Information Technology professional services. We work with Government and Corporate clients alike to identify the best way to make technology improve your work environment so you can go about taking care of your customers. We do not promote any specific brand or technology, instead we help you review the strengths and weaknesses of each so you can make the right decision whether that means Microsoft’s .Net or Oracle or SAP or Open Source or anything else. Once you know what platform and technology is correct, we can help you with any or every portion of the work, from management through development and implementation and even including help desk and maintenance over time.

Here we present an overview of our services, and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Project Management and Business Analysis

  • Technology Implementations – CCI’s management team work collaboratively with clients following the PMBOK best practices. We handle creating the project charter, project plan, managing the timeline, ensuring your vendors and service providers live up to their contractual obligations, help you negotiate better terms and pricing, and guide development teams to successful implementations. We can help your staff learn Agile, Waterfall, Lean, Six Sigma, IBM’s RUP or design a custom methodology for a uniquely difficult environment. Whether you need an off-the-shelf software, custom software development, a network upgrade or virtualization, business process automation or anything else, we can manage the team and the process.
  • Business Analysis – In order to guide your company to success, management needs the right information presented in the right way. CCI’s business analysts and subject matter experts can help you gather and document this critical data and make the presentation to your leadership team. Whether you need help with short and long-term decision making, feasibility studies, cost-benefits analysis, build-vs-buy decisions, current state vs desired state and gap analysis, or a return on investment (ROI) calculation, CCI has the staff to ensure your data is comprehensive and actionable.
  • Strategic Planning and IT Roadmaps – The key parts of a strategic plan are defining your Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy. CCI will help you identify the way technology impacts each of these areas, guide you through the decision process on which technologies to implement on what sort of timeline, help you build a roadmap documenting all of this and accounting for future trends so you are not playing catchup with technology but staying abreast of proven technologies. Most importantly, we will work with you to review when to adapt your business process to best leverage technology, and when to customize the technology to get the best results from an already optimized process.
  • International Strategy – More than any industry, technology has become global, and companies need to have a strategy for taking advantage of this reality, and need to know how to manage technology vendors who exist across national borders. We have the experts to guide you through the process of taking advantage of the opportunities that globalization offers you. This might include Globalization of an off-the-shelf product into different languages (Multi-lingual IT), registering variations of your website in different languages and with international hosts, managing offshore development teams, and presenting your solutions and products to an international market.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Disasters are unpredictable, and the best protection is to have a solid Business Continuity plan, and to test that plan so everyone knows their job and what to expect bringing critical systems back online. This is one of our greatest strengths, and we are very proud of our Disaster Recovery Consulting track record, including creating the fist ever Disaster Recovery plan for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, and for the Iowa Workforce Development. Whether your environment is as complicated as the State of Texas with offices in more than 164 cities in 5 States, or as simple as a single computer and some hosted tools, we can give you a plan that makes you confident your most important technology tools will work when you need them most.

Website Development

  • Websites are both the simplest business need, and one of the most complicated. You need a Website that accurately communicates your message and presents your best side to your customers. Our consultants can provide either remote or even onsite development, and we can guide you through the process of Domain Name Registration, URL registration, Web page, Design, Planning and Implementation, Website branding and messaging or designing an E-Commerce Solution. And it’s not just the look and feel creative side, we have experts in internet and intranet security, web servers, hosting, and everything that goes behind the scenes to ensure your website stays up and running safe from hackers.

Software Engineering

  • Web Application Development – Today, web applications are more important than ever, to replace the need for paper-based forms, to automate processes, and to connect teams working from multiple locations. CCI can provide you with the expert developers needed to create new, modern, and efficient Web Applications using Java, .Net, ColdFusion, or many other technologies. We can provide onsite development teams to work with your in house staff for a face-to-face development project and knowledge transfer, or we can do all the development remotely and provide a turn-key solution.
  • Database Development and Report Development – Data is the foundation of everything, it underlies all of the software, it guides management, and it defines how we understand the world. Efficient databases provide decision makers with clear reports that have accurate and complete data. Our developers will work with you to analyze your business intelligence and reporting needs and to design reports that display critical data without bogging down the performance of the front-end application. We can build databases from the ground up in any technology from Oracle to SQL Server, to MySQL to DB2 or even maintain and optimize a legacy MS Access system.
  • Mainframe Support Services – Mainframes are still trusted to run many large systems that have to perform complicated batch processes. Whether you want to modernize and maintain your mainframe systems, or if you wish to migrate off of the mainframe, we have experts in Cobol, CICS, Natural, ADABAS, Informix, DB2, and many more technologies, and can provide both local and remote developers as needed.

Network Engineering and Administration

  • Design – We can work with you to review your data center and network needs, your current network performance, your short and long-term growth potential, and then we will architect and design the network that is right for you. We include performance optimization, topology mapping, data center design, heating and cooling, power, and the hardware upgrade expectations from major vendors to make certain that the network gets setup properly and has the power you need at a price you can afford both today, and in the long run.
  • Administration – Maintaining and supporting a network requires much more than just ensuring uptime. We can assist you in designing a balanced environment, implementing the security, keeping systems online and running, optimizing for performance, and with all of your critical data backed up. Our experts can manage your networks either onsite or remotely using any major technology (Windows, Unix, Solaris, Tivoli, Citrix, Cisco, Dell, HP, VMWare, Apache, Exchange, Groupwise, etc).
  • Virtualization – Whether using VMWare, Hyper-V or any other technology, we can help you to reap the many benefits of virtualization. This includes reduced power, increased uptimes, more versatile customization and management, adding new environments without purchasing new hardware, and more robust disaster recovery solutions. We will review your current physical environment, determine what is the best technology and hardware to use, design the virtual environment, and perform the migration. Once established and running we can manage and maintain the virtual network remotely, or provide training to ensure that you are fully self-sufficient.

Other IT Consulting Services

  • Line-Of-Business Replatforming Services – When an ERP system is working properly it manages your whole company and ensures all of your internal operations run smoothly and your data is secure and available when you need it. But when they don’t line up with your needs it can be extraordinarily painful and time consuming to change to a new one because of how deeply integrated they are with your workflow and your business. CCI is the industry leader in replatforming, after evaluation of your architecture, we can identify whether or not it is better to replace your system or if you just need a new Process Reengineering and system customization project. Whether you move to SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics or any other system, CCI has the experts to guide you through the whole process.
  • Case Studies – We can provide you with case studies to qualify, quantify or justify the Return on Investment for IT, business projects and expenditures. We will help you generate Business Architecture, IT Architecture & Business Modeling Case Studies that identify areas of business process enhancement and aide you in determining where automation should be introduced to the business process.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, please let us know.

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