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Projects Throughout the U.S. and Canada

Clicking on the map to the right reveals how CCI has helped local firms and government agencies across North America. We are local to every State, and we stand by our customers wherever there is a need to be filled no matter how remote the location, be it Alaska, Hawaii, or in a major metropolis.

We are extremely proud of our history of service to State Governments, which began in 1999 when we helped the Oregon Department of Transportation become Y2K compliant. Since then CCI has added all 50 States to our client list, we enjoy helping each State with their unique business needs and employing people locally to help that State’s economy.

CCI built our reputation through many years of successful commercial projects and we have continued supporting America’s leading firms right up to today. We have secured millions of patient records through a major pharmacy software upgrade for Wellpoint; helped Alaska Airlines modernize the Oracle database that controls all of their ticket reservations and frequent flyer miles; we created mobile applications for USAA.com so their clients can connect from tablets and smartphones; and we helped Microsoft create a global disaster recovery Intranet site on SharePoint so that all their tens of thousands of employees all over the world can coordinate and get the support they need during emergencies. We don’t just serve the largest corporations, we have also helped small companies develop their first websites, supported localization and multi-lingual web pages for growing companies, provided network management for a publishing firm and even provided architecture and strategy support for a telecommunications company in Seattle that was having trouble with sharing data between too many separate systems.

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  • AK Dept. of Military and Vet Affairs FileMaker Pro Database Development
  • Alaska Airlines IT Management Consulting, Business Analysis
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  • AZ Maricopa County IT Professional Services Vendor Pool
  • AR DIS IT Staffing Services
British Columbia
  • BC Canada, Vancouver Comm. College Project Management Services
  • Toyota Financial Services IT Program Management
  • United HealthCare/TriZetto Software Implementation
  • CO DHCPF Website Assessment for Colorado PEAK Project
  • CT DOL Call Center Power Supply
  • DE DTI IT Staffing Services
  • DE New Castle County IT Staffing Services
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
  • HI DOE IT Professional Services Vendor Pool
  • HI DOH Business Analysis for Laboratory System
  • HI DOH LAMP Development/Modernization
  • HI DOH MS Access/SAS Database Upgrade
  • HI DPS Crime Victim Compensation Database Development
  • HI DPS Oracle Forms and Reports
  • Coming Soon..
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield IT Management Consulting, IT Services
  • WellPoint IT Management Consulting
  • IA DAS ITQ Program – IT Services
  • IA ICN LAN/WAN Telecommunications Services
  • IA ICN Telecommunications Support Services
  • IA IWD Disaster Recovery Analysis and Planning
  • IA IWD Network Topology, Disaster Recovery
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  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
  • ME OIT IT Staffing Services
  • Coming Soon..
  • MD DIR CATS+ IT Staffing Services
  • MD Harford County Government IT Staffing Service
  • MD Transportation Authority GIS Administration Technical Services
  • Coming Soon..
  • MI DTMB ReSTART Prequalified IT Services
  • MI Lansing Community College Oracle Banner Consulting Services
  • MI Macomb Community College Network virtualization
  • MN OET 902TS Master Contract for IT Services
  • MS ITS Information Systems Consulting Services
  • University of MS Medical Center Consulting and Technical Services
  • Coming Soon..
  • MT Montana State University Oracle Banner Consulting and Technical Services
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  • Coming Soon..
New Brunswick
  • Coming Soon..
New Hampshire
  • Coming Soon..
New Jersey
  • Coming Soon..
New Mexico
  • Coming Soon..
New York
  • Coming Soon..
Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Coming Soon..
North Carolina
  • NC ITS IT Professional Services Vendor Pool
  • Bank of America IT Management Consulting
North Dakota
  • Coming Soon..
Northwest Territories
  • Coming Soon..
Nova Scotia
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
  • OR City of Portland On-Call Information Technology Services
  • OR DAS MSP Program – IT Services
  • OR DHS ACCESS Legacy System Upgrade
  • OR DHS Java Development
  • OR DHS Software Quality Assurance
  • OR DOT Help Desk Support Project
  • OR DOT Motor Carrier Transportation Division Web Applications
  • OR DOT .Net Development
  • OR DOT Small Contracts Prequalified Vendor Pool
  • OR SOS java Web Application Development
  • OR State Police IT Project Management
  • OR State Police Mobile Data Terminal Upgrade
  • PA CWOPA IT Staffing Services
  • Coming Soon..
Rhode Island
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
South Carolina
  • Coming Soon..
South Dakota
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
  • TX COSA Website Redesign/Development
  • TX CPA Disaster Recovery Strategy Planning
  • TX CPA Linux Systems Administration
  • TX CPA PeopleSoft Management and Analysis
  • TX DARS Informix, COBOL Development
  • USAA.com IT Management, Mobile Applications
  • TX DIR ITSAC Program – IT Services
  • TX DMV Network Administration
  • TX DPS Criminal justice System Analysis and Modernization
  • TX DSHS ASP.Net Web Application development
  • TX HHSC Windows Server Administration
  • TX TWC Systems Analysis, Business Analysis
  • TX TWC IT Business Process Re-Engineering
  • UT DOP P.M. Operational Excellence Initiative
  • UT DTS/DPS java-Based Criminal justice System
  • UT DWFS Project Management Agile Project Management Training
  • Coming Soon..
  • VA SMSA IT Staffing Services
  • WA AGO Project Management, Litigation Support
  • WA Commerce Data Warehouse System/Business Analysis
  • WA Commerce Database Analysis and Modernization
  • WA Commerce Website User Experience Analysis
  • WA DES Data Encryption Software & Services
  • WA DES ITPS – IT Services
  • WA DNR Mainframe Analysis and Development
  • WA DOA IT Managed Services Sourcing Contract
  • WA DOL Quality Assurance/Software Testing
  • WA DOC Database Development
  • WA DOC IBM WebSphere Application Server Support Services
  • WA DOC .Net Development and Q/A-Test Services
  • WA DOC Network Engineering Services
  • WA DOT EL8, FileMaker Pro Development
  • WA DOT EL02, FileMaker Pro Development
  • WA DOT LG10, Application Modernization
  • WA DOT LG14, Web Services Interface
  • WA DOT NM9, ITS Capital Project Management
  • WA DOT RV1, Telecommunications Analysis
  • WA DOT, Ferries Management of Ticket Reservation Software
  • WA DOT, Ferries Project Management For Website Re-Design
  • WA DOT, Ferries QA Consulting For Ferries Website
  • WA DOT, Ferries QA Lead for Ticket Reservation Software Development
  • WA DOT, Ferries RH1, Web Application Development
  • WA DOT, Ferries SV4, SV7 Website Upgrade, UI/UX Design
  • WA DOT, Ferries SV15, Web Application Development
  • WA DOT, OIT LG29, FileMaker Pro Modernization
  • WA Evergreen State College, Washington Center Database
  • WA Fish & Wildlife Project Management
  • WA HBE On-call Support
  • WA HBE Small Business/Producer Representatives
  • WA HCA SharePoint Template Development, Website Migration Support
  • WA L&I Classroom Training for Internal Audit Software
  • WA L&I Internal Audit Software/SOX Compliance Monitoring
  • WA L&I IV&V Auditing For End Quality Assurance For New Legislative Changes
  • WA L&I K1323 Security/Compliance Software
  • WA L&I K2140 Network Engineering
  • WA Military Department Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database System
  • WA OSPI Technical Writing/Editing Services
  • WA Parks and Recreation Vendor Pool – Engineering and IT services
  • WA Pierce County Satellite Phones
  • WA SBCTC Network, System Administration
  • WA Sound Transit Web Based E-Learning Applications
  • WA University of Washington Microsoft Dynamics Upgrade
  • WA University of Washington Professional Services
  • FiberCloud Enterprise Architecture & Process Optimization
  • Microsoft Corporation IT Program Management
  • Quorum Review IT Management Consulting, IT Services
  • T-Mobile IT Management Consulting
  • Washington Mutual Bank IT Management Consulting
West Virginia
  • Coming Soon..
  • WI DOA IT Managed Services Sourcing Contract
  • Coming Soon..
  • Coming Soon..
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